At this time, Trestle recommends that all common areas be closed to owners and residents. This includes spaces such as clubrooms, gyms, dining areas, playgrounds, sport courts, spas and pools. In order to protect the association and its residents, these spaces should be locked if possible. If locking the spaces is not possible, associations should consider posting clear signs and/or yellow caution tape to signify the closure. Clients may contact their Community Association Manager for assistance in closing these spaces if they have not already. When the area is ready to be re-opened to the public, Trestle recommends it be cleaned and disinfected by a janitorial service. Trestle also encourages communities to ensure that high-traffic common areas should be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day using appropriate disinfectants and methods as explained by the CDC and EPA. These areas include items such as elevators, entry doors, handrails, and counter tops. Please contact Trestle directly for additional information or assistance.