Trestle Community Management today announced that it has begun creating a series of curated webinars available to Board Members on-demand through Trestle’s My-Community Web Portal. Designed with Board Members in mind, Trestle’s Webinars On-Demand focus on educational topics which can assist Board Members in best serving their communities, prepare new Members for leadership roles within community associations and provide details about how to get the most from the services provided by Trestle Community Management.

In addition to Webinars On-Demand, Trestle recently unveiled its new live Webinar series for Board Members. Through the use of these educational tools, Trestle continues to focus on serving its Clients in an advisory capacity and providing limitless resources to ensure community success.

“Educating our Board Members is vital to their success,” said Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management. “Trestle has always focused on implementing advanced processes and technologies for the benefit of our Clients. We are excited to provide live webinars and Webinars On-Demand to our Board Members in order to further help them reach the goals of their communities.”

Please contact Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management, at or (425) 454-6404 for additional details.