Community Associations are established to preserve the value of homes within a community. As such, the Board of Directors has a vested interest in ensuring that the Common and Limited Common Elements maintained by the Association remain in good repair. In addition, the Association often works to maintain the aesthetics of the community, ensuring a consistent and well-maintained appearance.

In an effort to reach these goals, Association Boards and Committees often review alteration requests which might modify the exterior appearance of a home, affect Common or Limited Common Elements, or otherwise impact neighboring homes.

While each community varies, generally speaking, alterations to the exterior of the home or landscaping usually require advanced Board approval. Additionally, for attached homes, interior alterations which may affect shared walls, plumbing, or noise levels, such as flooring changes, typically require advanced Board approval.

Homeowners are strongly encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with the governing documents for their community prior to making alterations. If approval of an Architectural Control Committee (ACC), also known as a Architectural Review Committee (ARC) or Property Improvement Committee (PIC), is required, owners may submit all their documents and alteration request through the Homeowner Portal.

To submit an alteration request or review the governing documents, please visit the Homeowner Portal by going to, and clicking on "My-Community Web Portal". Once logged in, any required application forms as well as the community's governing documents can be found under the "Documents" tab. An alteration request may be submitted for consideration through the "Architectural" tab.

Please contact your Community Association Manager directly should you have any additional questions.