Trestle Community Management today announced that Kasey Williams, CMCA, and Samantha Oldham, CMCA, Community Association Managers with Trestle’s specialized Single-Family Homes Practice and Krishinda San Juan, CMCA, Community Association Manager with Trestle’s Condominium Practice have each received their Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation as award by Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB).

Trestle prioritizes continuing education for all Team Members. This focus helps Trestle and its Team ensure they maintain up to date knowledge of the industry and in turn, provide the best possible advisory service to Trestle Clients.

“Association homeowners, board members and home developers seek qualified professionals to manage their communities,” said Bob Brencic, CMCA, AMS, MBA, President of Trestle Community Management.  “They have fiduciary responsibilities that compel them to make decisions that can have profound financial and social impacts on their communities. To help ensure they have the expert guidance necessary to manage communities most effectively, Trestle Community Management continually invests in improving the skills and abilities of our Team Members.”

What is the CMCA Designation?

2022-0106 Trestle Managers Receive Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) Designation PHOTOExclusively designed for Managers of Homeowner and Condominium Associations, the CMCA “recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required to manage community associations” ( In order to obtain the designation, CMCA designees must first pass the M-100 The Essentials of Community Association Management course offered by Community Associations Institute (CAI) and followed by the difficult Certified Manager of Community Associations exam.

What is Trestle’s Single-Family Homes Practice?

Through dedicated and specialized Practice Area Teams, Trestle serves various Community Association types, such as condominium, single-family homes, mid-rise, high-rise, active-adult and large-scale communities, in Washington state.

Oversight of compliance, architectural controls and adjacent natural area management are critical for the success of single-family home communities. The Single-Family Homes Practice understands that home values are persevered in communities with consistently enforced aesthetic standards.

Through the implementation of streamlined compliance and architectural processes, the Single-Family Home Practice is fully prepared to assist Homeowners and Board Members alike. Clear and concise Homeowner notices, and the full utilization of Trestle’s My-Community Web Portal allows the Team to serve its clients, offering accessible resources in addition to the assistance of knowledgeable experts.

Management for single-family home communities requires experience in retention and detention pond management as well as natural area conservation including forested land and wetlands. The Team also proactively manages and maintains common areas, advising their clients of preventative measures to reduce future expenses.

What is Trestle’s Condominium Practice?

Condominium communities require keen oversight of the maintenance and
financial condition of the Association.

Washington State condominium associations are unique as they are subject to one of several different common interest ownership acts and the legal requirements for attached communities vary greatly. Trestle’s Condominium Practice thoroughly understands each act and the requirements they place on communities and Homeowners.

Through our advanced understanding of condominiums, building structures and complex maintenance responsibilities, the Condominium Practice at Trestle excels at helping Boards manage their communities. The Team proactively advises Board of Directors and community volunteers on recurring and preventative maintenance, and ensures grounds remain well-maintained year-round. Trestle also meets all of the communities’ legal requirements while supporting and guiding Homeowners. The Practice contains advanced expertise areas to address needs such as large-scale remediation projects, special assessments and loans, and complex insurance claim matters.

How Does Trestle’s Prioritization of Education Support its Clients?

Trestle continuously invests in Team education and skill building. All of the firm’s Team Members attend continuing education courses offered inside and outside of the industry as well as conferences and educational seminars on an ongoing basis. Trestle approaches education holistically, ensuring that all Team Members are well-versed on the intricacies of the community association management services industry.

Through this approach, the firm holds the highest number of prestigious community association management credentials in Washington State including the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS) and Professional Manager of Community Associations (PCAM) designations.

Trestle’s prioritization of innovation, leadership and Team support does not go unnoticed. Trestle Community Association Managers have received nominations as Manager of the Year by the Washington State Chapter of Community Associations Institute (WSCAI) annually since 2015. Its President has also been named as a Small Business Hero by the Puget Sound Business Journal, and Trestle has been awarded Business Partner Company of the Year by WSCAI.

Trestle receives regular recognition outside of the community management services industry, being named to Inc. 5000’s list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and Puget Sound Business Journal’s lists of Washington’s Best Workplaces, Eastside 50 Fastest-Growing Companies and Washington State’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2019 and 2020.

To best serve its Client Associations, Trestle has established partnerships both inside and outside of the community management industry. Through these well-nurtured working relationships, Trestle has identified trustworthy service providers. Proactively anticipating the future needs of Washington state’s community associations, Trestle has also established relationships which allow it to access industry-leading technologies. These partnerships allow Trestle to implement exclusive and advanced technologies, meeting and exceeding its Clients’ needs. The value of these efforts is passed along to its Client Associations as they access vetted and dependable service providers and the most advanced services in the industry through Trestle.

Understanding the value of Board Member and Homeowner education, Trestle began releasing live Webinars and Webinars On-Demand for community members in 2021. An overwhelmingly positive response has shown the value in extending accessible resources to Clients. Through the full deployment of Trestle’s My-Community Web Portal, the firm provides comprehensive access to endless resources including its webinars, detailed management reports, and user-friendly services for architectural request processing, compliance monitoring, and more.

Connecting with Trestle

In addition to Trestle’s website, the firm regularly connects on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please contact Bob Brencic, CMCA, AMS, MBA, President of Trestle Community Management, at or (425) 454-6404 for additional details.