Trestle Community Management today introduced “The Depot” meeting area.

The Depot Picture -- 2016-03-15-3As part of Trestle’s relocation into our new premier office space, the Depot was specifically designed to enable Client Boards of Directors to hold productive and efficient business meetings, no matter the physical location of any person. Trestle adopted the term “The Depot” to reflect train depots of old that served as places where people from near and far came together.

In designing The Depot Trestle deployed the latest visual, networking, software and telephone technology, and office furniture. Available technologies are:

  • Microsoft Skype to replicate computer screens and presentations to Board members.
  • Conference calling capability to connect multiple Board members into the meeting.
  • The latest wireless networking technology so Board members can connect into Trestle’s Web Portal or any website to instantly gather critical information during a meeting.
  • 70-inch wall-mounted wireless display enabling clear viewing of budgets and presentations.

Trestle also provides complementary snacks and beverages for visitors.

Challenges The Depot Solves:

  • BOD Members on the Go: Many people who serve on Boards travel for their careers.   Having the right technology to allow them to remotely connect into the meeting enables Boards to continue progressing community activities and topics without delay.
  • Confidentiality: Many Boards hold meetings in public places like coffee shops and restaurants. A Community Association is a non-profit business that discusses private financial matters. Having a private meeting place to hold such meetings protects the confidentiality of sensitive discussions Boards frequently have.
  • Neutral Location: Board meetings are often held at a Board member's home. Part of a board's responsibility is to have a conflict resolution process for handling complaints and hearings.   Having a neutral meeting place puts all parties on a level keel for such discussions.
  • Comfort: How many times have Board meetings been held where people are crammed into a small living room, shortly after the owner had a very aromatic meal?   Then add a summer heatwave and no air conditioning in the home.   This just isn’t an optimal environment to discuss topics that can cost a community thousands of dollars, and affect owner’s personal lives. Having a comfortable business environment enables more productive community association meetings.

Trestle offers complementary use of The Depot to Full Management and Management On-Demand clients during normal Trestle business hours.

Please contact Bob Brencic at or (425) 454-6404 for additional information, or to find out how you can use The Depot.