Trestle Community Management today announced that is has implemented a new and exceedingly transparent Monthly Management Report with detailed logs and improved integrated Homeowner Portal usage. Much like the recently updated Compliance Enforcement Process, this enhanced process fully utilizes Caliber’s tracking and reporting capabilities and provides up-to-date information on the My-Community Web Portal.

“Board Members and Homeowners have had a difficult time seeing progression and status of their maintenance, compliance and architectural control requests because there has not been an easy vehicle outside of emails and phone calls to their assigned Community Manager,” said Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management.  “Trestle’s revitalized Monthly Management Reports integrated into our My-Community Web Portal uniquely provides maximum transparency and communication on the progress, actions and efforts their Community Manager is taking on their behalf.  No other firm in the Puget Sound Area has the level of transparency we are now delivering.”

Through the enhanced Management Reports, Board Members can now review detailed logs and history for all things related to their community, including Annual Administrative and Maintenance Planning, ongoing and recently closed Maintenance projects, ongoing and recently closed Compliance matters, as well as Architectural Control Committee requests. The new process directly syncs with the My-Community Homeowner Portal providing further transparency which allows Board Members and Homeowners alike to monitor and track open community items.

Trestle is thrilled at the level of history the revitalized Management Reports will provide its Client Associations. Not only do the revamped Summary and Data Tables deliver a quick overview of progress made on behalf of the communities, the logs are a powerful mechanism for Board Members to further examine the details and work performed on their behalf by Trestle.

Please contact Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management, at or (425) 454-6404 for additional details.