Trestle Community Management todaynwmslogo-2016-1020 announced the formation and introduction of Northwest Maintenance Services, to serve as the company’s maintenance services group. Northwest Maintenance Services was created at the request of Trestle’s Clients to provide superior maintenance services guidance, responsiveness and quality.

“We survey our Clients every quarter to understand where we can improve in order to deliver the best services possible. Clients have consistently requested better quality and responsiveness for the maintenance services were providing through outside firms,” said Bob Brencic, Trestle’s President. “As a result, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create an in-house team that we have better control over so we can execute to our Client’s highest expectations.”

Northwest Maintenance Services will work with Trestle managed and non-Trestle managed Community Associations that create and execute short and long term maintenance plans to ensure communities look and operate at their best, thus preserving the quality of lifestyle expected and maximizing property valuations.

Northwest Maintenance Services has the skills necessary to handle most jobs, and the ability to quickly triage and resolve emergency issues as they arise. In addition to performing common ad-hoc maintenance activities, Northwest Maintenance Services offers service packages, such as Annual Inspection Report, Emergency Shut-off Identification, Annual Maintenance Subscription, Lighting Service, and Seasonal Services to focus on services many Clients have specifically requested from us.

Please contact Bob Brencic at, 425-296-7357, for additional details.

WA Contractor’s License #NORTHMS846PF