Trestle Community Management today introduced the capability for Board Members to approve reserve payments and transfers from their mobile device (cell phone, tablet, or personal computer) from anywhere, at any time. This new capability makes it easier and more convenient for Board Members to approve transactions, so they may be carried out by Trestle more quickly.


Washington State law, RCW 64.34.372, Association Records – Funds, requires all reserve funds of an association to be kept in a segregated account and any transaction affecting such funds, including the issuance of checks, requires the signature of at least two persons who are officers or directors of the association. In the past, obtaining two signatures became a time consuming and inconvenient process for Board Members, as they had to print/sign/scan paper-based forms back to their management firm, physically deliver it to the management firm’s office, or put it into the mail which took several days to be delivered.

“Trestle is always mobile-signatures-pictureseeking ways to apply technology to make business processes easier, faster, and with more transparency to Board Members,” said Bob Brencic, Trestle President. “Our mobile approvals allow the Board and Trestle to get more accomplished in support of managing communities more efficiently.”

Using Trestle’s new capability of signing the necessary transfer form from their mobile device can now be accomplished in only a few seconds. Furthermore, if needed, Board Members can review the associated invoice on their mobile device using Trestle’s My-Community Portal. Bottom line, Board Members can now efficiently stay connected to their community from anywhere, any time of day, 365-days per year.

Please contact Bob Brencic at or (425) 454-6404 for additional information, or to find out how you can use Trestle’s Mobile Approvals for Board Members.