Trestle Community Management introduced today the ability for homeowners to receive E-Statements via email for notification to pay their assessments. The new service makes Trestle the first Community Management firm in the Puget Sound area to deploy E-Statements.

E-Statements from Trestle provide several benefits to Association Clients and homeowners:

E-Statements from Trestle Community Management.

  • Statements are delivered directly to homeowner’s email inbox, instead of through the US mail.  Extremely valuable for owners who travel for long periods of time.
  • Delivered to owners more quickly, typically before the 20th of each month giving owners more time to pay their assessments.
  • Become a recurring monthly reminder for homeowners to pay their assessment, thus lowering delinquencies.
  • Save Associations the cost and budget of mailing paper statements.
  • Environmentally friendly.

With Trestle, homeowners then have several convenient options to pay their assessments:

  • Online at Trestle’s My-Community Web Portal via billpay or credit/debit card,
  • Automatic payments (ACH), or
  • Mailing a check.

“Trestle is a leader in applying technology to make interactions with Client homeowners and Board members more convenient and effective,” said Bob Brencic, Trestle President. “Being the first Community Management firm in the Puget Sound to deploy E-Statements is one more validation for how Trestle focuses on execution in a professional manner.”

Trestle Client homeowners can enroll to receive E-Statements by going to

The combination of E-Statements and the simplicity to pay assessments on the My-Community Web Portal is truly a unique combination in the Community Management industry. Trestle provides a web portal for community information at no additional charge to clients, thus avoiding the typically high cost and effort to create and maintain a specialized community web site.

Please contact Bob Brencic at or (425) 454-6404 for additional information, or to find out how you can use Trestle’s E-Statements and My-Community Web Portal.