Trestle Community Management today announced that it has deployed an advanced AP system for electronic payments to its Client Associations’ vendors. Timely payment of invoices allows vendors to proceed without delay or interruption and helps to maintain a strong working relationship for Associations and their partners.

“Delivering accurate and prompt payments help establish and maintain trust between our Client Associations and their vendors,” said Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management. “Ongoing enhancements, such as electronic payment options, strengthen Trestle’s existing processes and allow us to exceed the expectations and needs of our Clients.”

Utilizing its well-established AP process, Trestle ensures that is Clients’ vendors experience quick and accurate payments. Through its long-standing working relationship with CIT Bank, Trestle now provides vendors several payment options, including in-house paper checks, direct deposit via ACH, and virtual card (v-card) payments. These electronic options help avoid delays experienced with the postal service and guarantee vendors receive payment swiftly.

Please contact Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management, at or (425) 454-6404 for additional details.