Trestle has always been a leading innovator in the Community Management industry, particularly in the areas of Professionalism and Execution. For us, it’s more than a saying, rather who we are as a firm.

From before our first day in business, we have focused on delivering Professionalism levels above our peers.  Experienced, highly skilled, and certified Community Managers and Accountants who add value to their Board Members and owners by serving as partners and advisors in making their communities incredible.

Add to that our Execution drive to get things done simply and quickly based on advanced technologies such as the My-Community Web Portal, emailed statements/notifications, free ACH, and online payments. We have had these systems in place for several years and have complemented the technologies with documented processes and methods to ensure consistency in the services we deliver.

A year ago, the world changed overnight. And when that happened Trestle was extremely well-positioned having the proper infrastructure and tools in place to flawlessly continue operations to serve our Clients while the world shut down.  We focused on helping our Clients with guidance communicated through our COVID-19 electronic bulletin board rather than struggling to keep our business operational in a different world like many of our peers had to do.

Advancing how and where we work

Before the COVID-19 crisis emerged, Trestle was also already well down the path deploying remote work for our employees.   It allowed our team to spend more time focused on our Clients rather than being worn down fighting traffic to and from the office.   It allowed them to spend more time with their families, learn additional skills via education, and helped recruit and retain the best talent in the industry.  We were holding virtual meetings before many knew what Zoom was.  Our philosophy has been, “It doesn’t matter where you work. Work where you are to get things done.”

Rethinking our office space

That philosophy allowed Trestle to also rethink our office space and how it should be used in the future.  We determined the office is no longer a sea of desks but should be a community hub to accommodate a hybrid work approach and meetings with Clients and partners.   As a result, we have completely redesigned our office, eliminating nearly 66% of the space we formerly held.  We created an environment where our teams, Clients and partners can hold productive business meetings, interact and innovate, in person and virtually at the same time.

Prioritizing health and safety

We are anxious to reopen our remodeled office and meet in person again.  But it is not that time, yet.   We will reopen our office when we are comfortable our employees and Clients can confidently meet safely.

Continuously leading

The most important take away of this article isn’t about remote work or a reimagined office, however.  It is about Trestle’s culture of innovation and leadership.  It is about the future for how work will get done quickly and accurately for our Clients.  It is about who we are as a firm, continuously focused on advancing our Professional – Execution.  It is about Trestle continuously leading the community management industry.