Trestle Community Management today announced that it has exceeded 100 active Clients for the first time in its history.


“Today marks a major milestone in Trestle’s ongoing development as a revolutionary and industry leading Community Management firm in the Puget Sound region,” said Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management. “Growth is a true sign of company health.  Not only is it a proof point that Clients are attracted to Trestle for the best consulting and services possible, but it also provides employee career opportunities in order to attract and retain the most experienced team possible to support our Clients.”

Trestle has and continues to add a breadth of deep skills and resources that can be brought to various client situations independent of the manager assigned to a specific community. For example, with our growth we now have ten Community Managers and several Accounting experts on staff with deep skill sets ranging from ongoing maintenance, reconstruction, special assessments and loans, association setup and Board training, governance, insurance, and delinquencies to list a few.

One important item to note is that during Trestle’s early years key processes and technologies were designed and established that could scale to accommodate future Client growth. Those, and more today, are company standard operations that have proven to enable Trestle to provide superior and consistent services for flawless execution on our Client Association’s behalf’s as we grow. A key example is Trestle’s implementation and delivery of Caliber community management software, including the My-Community Web Portal, over 5-years ago that provides anytime on-demand community information to owners and Board members. Another is our financial and management reporting process that ensures budgeted tasks and activities are being worked ahead of their anticipated due dates. And yet another, is our extensive Client Transition process that ensures we on-board new Clients in a smooth and positive experience for owners and Board members.

In the last 5-years Trestle has been the fastest growing firm in the Puget Sound Community Management industry. It has accomplished this by focusing on two key elements: Professionalism in consulting and advising Boards and associations, and by Executing extremely well to plans and situations. These key philosophies are core to Trestle’s culture.

Please contact Bob Brencic, President of Trestle Community Management at or (425) 454-6404 for additional details.